Chạy marathon là gì? Những điều cần biết khi chạy marathon

More than a race, running a marathon is not only about the desire to conquer the goal but also brings many good health benefits. In particular, for many countries, running marathons has become an indispensable spiritual “food”. Join to learn more about what running a marathon is and the advantages of participating in this sport!

1. Answer: What is a marathon?

1.1. Define

Marathon (Marathon Race) is a form of running for a certain distance. Marathon terrain is flat (or steep) and free of obstacles. This is the feature for you to distinguish Marathon running from trail running, cross country running – the types performed on mountain roads, forest roads, passes, slopes.

Marathon running is the most popular sport in many countries around the world

1.2. Marathon Origin

Marathon (From the Greek, Marathonios Dromos) was inspired after the end of the battle between the Persian and Greek armies.

According to legend, an infantryman named Pheidippides after the battle crossed the mountains and ran non-stop from the town of Marathon to Athens (about 25 miles or 40,23360km) to announce victory.

Unfortunately, he was exhausted and died suddenly on the spot. To commemorate this victory and to commemorate Pheidippides’ contribution, the people of Greece organized an annual long-distance running race called the Marathon.

1.3. Marathon running distance

Marathon became an official sport at the Olympics in 1896 in Athens (Greece). But at that time the marathon distance was only 40km. Later changed the distance from 40km to 42.75km. By 1921, the International Amateur Athletes’ Federation (IAAF – now the international athletics federation) officially regulated 42.195km (26,219 miles).

In addition to the 42.195km distance, there are many other distances suitable for training purposes such as: 5km, 10km, half marathon 21.1km, super marathon from 50km – 160km, …

Running a marathonThere are many marathon distances for you to try

2. Benefits of running a marathon

What is the effect of running a marathon is something that many people want to learn when they start training with this subject. In fact, running a marathon is a simple method but brings many amazing benefits for both body and mind.

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2.1. Burn calories, lose weight effectively

Running a marathon helps to increase metabolism, release energy and burn calories effectively. On average, you will burn from 705 to 865 calories in 1 hour. Even if you have stopped, the body will continue this process. Many people shared that they have lost 0.9 – 1.4 kg of body weight during the course of participating in the marathon.

Running a marathonRunning a marathon helps to maintain a fit body

2.2. Maintain resilience

Running for a long time will help bones grow, increase bone mineral density. The movements when running a marathon will affect the knee, reduce pain, prevent osteoarthritis, arthritis, improve blood circulation to the knee cartilage, avoid degenerative knee diseases, …

2.3. Good for the heart

The American Heart Association in Philadelphia has shown that people who have been running for more than 5 hours a day for decades have a healthy heart.

Dr. Agim Beshiri said that the amount of blood a normal person’s heart at rest pumps around the body is about 4-6 liters / minute. During a marathon, this number increases 3-4 times, equivalent to pumping up to 16 liters of blood per minute.

Running a marathonTo have a healthy heart, you should practice running a marathon right now

2.4. Effective stress relief

Regular marathon running not only burns calories but also releases the hormones serotonin and dopamine. They have a calming effect on stress and anxiety. Especially when running with friends, the team will help the spirit of excitement, comfort and positive thinking. From there, stress and pressure will be gradually pushed back.

2.5. Improve memory

According to a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, regular marathon runners have better memory than sedentary people.

Specifically, when running long distances will help increase the amount of oxygen to the brain. If the brain absorbs enough oxygen, it will help blood circulate better, improve memory, increase concentration, limit headaches, etc.

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2.6. Muscle gain

Marathon running is a combination of hand, foot, shoulder, abdominal movements, etc. It will affect all muscles in the body. Especially helps to firm the calves, thighs, buttocks. At the same time, strengthen the bearing capacity and flexibility of the legs.

Running a marathonRunning a marathon helps to tone muscles

2.7. Increased longevity

Research published in the Journal of Sports Medicine also shows that running increases the life expectancy of smokers and heart patients. It also increases the survival rate of middle-aged and elderly people.

2.8. Increases resistance

Regular jogging and combined with a scientific diet, supplementing with red, black and blue berries, will strengthen the body’s immune system.

It will stimulate the production of many lymphocytes to destroy harmful agents entering the body. Since then, resistance is improved, reducing the risk of viral and bacterial infections, preventing seasonal flu.

2.9. Reduce skin problems

Jogging helps blood circulation under the skin better. Skin cells are fully supplied with oxygen and nutrients, so the regeneration rate is faster. From there, help you own skin with good elasticity, bright, rosy.

During running, a large amount of sweat will be secreted. They will carry dirt and residue in the pores out. This will reduce the risk of acne or dermatitis.

2.10. Good for joints

When asked about the effects of marathons, everyone knows the obvious benefits of the musculoskeletal system. It helps joints work more flexibly, limiting stiffness and joint injuries. In addition, the articular cartilage is also lubricated, reinforcing the strength and bearing capacity of the skeleton.

Running a marathonRunning a marathon improves bone health

3. Important factors when training for a marathon

3.1. Set realistic goals

You need to know your limits and set realistic goals when participating in this subject. Each person will have a different level of body adaptation. On average, it takes 6 weeks to get comfortable with marathon workouts. The best way is to set goals that match your ability and then gradually increase over time.

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3.2. Choose the right distance

Once you have set yourself a training goal, you can increase your distance by 10% each week. Initially, you should choose a distance of 5km, gradually increasing it to 10km, 21km and 42km if possible.

This will help the body quickly adapt to the new level and complete the next distance. Attention, should be distanced from exercise to recover muscles and adjust, evaluate training results.

Running a marathonHave a plan and choose the distance according to your ability

3.3. Speed ​​exercises

To increase your body’s flexibility and endurance, you can combine it with speed exercises. Examples are: interval run and tempo run.

  • Interval run: A set of runs that repeat a certain distance (usually short), high intensity, faster than usual. Combine with slow running to recover alternating sets. For example, you run 4 repetitions of 1km at a fast pace, alternating 5 minutes of slow running (or walking) in between.
  • Tempo run exercise: Practice with a distance of 6km – 16km (depending on ability). Run at a steady pace.

3.4. Rest and recovery

On rest days, you absolutely should not run. It will help muscle recovery faster, reducing unwanted injuries. If you want to play sports, cross-practice with other subjects such as: yoga, swimming, cycling (those not running).

Hopefully, with the information that shared above, it has helped you know what marathon running is? Certainly, when practicing this sport, both physical and mental health are significantly improved. To challenge your endurance, don’t be afraid to download the app to buy tickets to participate in the Vnexpress Marathon!

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